C-Hill at Sunset

C-Hill at Sunset
Here is the Sunset of C-Hill, C-Hill is a prodominate landmark at Chadron State College and of the City of Chadron, NE

Monday, April 28, 2014


Let's start off by watching this video.

What you should have just seen was a big ad for Coca-Cola from this year's (2014 or Super Bowl XLVIII) Super Bowl. I had you watch that to get you thinking about Globalization. Globalization is the general concept of expanding, a project, business, or even thinking to a point of it worldwide. What I got from this commercial, is this is a worldwide business in Coca-Cola (hence the singing of the song in many languages, and some of the shots that appear to be of ethnic people). Yet, I think they were trying to say that they are an American company (by having the song being America the Beautiful. Thanks links in with my previous post on ethnocentrism. At the same time, that should be expected for the Super Bowl. This video has more to it, there are scenes that I would have to take a guess that all of them come from within the borders of the U.S., even for two seconds (roughly :35 into the video) where we see ethnic writing, and then the next shot is of a close up to an Arabic woman. This could have been filmed in an ethic portion of a major city (examples include China Town, Little Italy, Greek Town, etc..). The world is becoming smaller, and we are bumping into each other now more often than ever before. People are traveling more; the internet is increasing ease and decreasing the cost of contact. That is more than just when a Middle Eastern prince e-mails you asking you for $5,000 so he can send you $5,000,000. 

In my time at CSC I have met many people. This includes people from: Ukraine, Russia, South Korea, China, Taiwan (Chinese Taipaei), Ethiopia, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, Jordan, Armenia, Berma, Mexico, Honduras, Jamaica and many of many others. It is a small world, where you can meet all of these, at a college of 3,000 students and in a town in the rural area of Nebraska with less than 6,000 people. In the past 10 years diplomatically we have had problems involving Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Iraq, Afghanistan, (hell, I have learned how to spell Afghanistan), Pakistan, Syria, have sent millions of dollars in foreign aid.

The truth is at the end of the end of the day, the world is getting smaller. The world’s problems are becoming ours. Do you know what happens when we ignore the world’s problems? For years we ignored alliances, tensions and more for years. We have a few assassinations and a submarine sinking a boat, and we had the Great War or World War I. We had a few invasions, an attempted genocide, we sat on it and WWII broke out. Oh, and we got bombed in Pearl Harbor after sanction levied against the Japanese for working with the Nazis and invading China.

Where does the orange that you are eating come from? Your shirt? The computer you are reading this from, or your phone, or tablet? Where was the car built? After you consider the engine, the car seats, your doors, the various other parts of your car, and then the assembly, you may be talking over 10 countries. Your car has done more traveling then you have, most likely. Now, Ethnocentrism has given us a reason to close ourselves off. Globalism has given us a reason to open ourselves up, which is good. Though, that comes with a cost. We need to tread lightly with China, can anyone imagine what would happen if either the U.S. or China levies an embargo on the other? What if the Panama Canal gets clogged by a war? What happens if Egypt goes to war and closes the Nile? What happens if the U.S. economy crashes, worst then 2008, or even worse than the depression? What happens if the same happens with the European Union? We are more relied upon each other than before. This means international intervention is more likely. This also means countries want less war to prevent the free flow of products.  Let’s hope that is enough to prevent the ominous World War III everyone has been thinking about every time there is am international crisis.

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