C-Hill at Sunset

C-Hill at Sunset
Here is the Sunset of C-Hill, C-Hill is a prodominate landmark at Chadron State College and of the City of Chadron, NE

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day 2, at the Police station, and got Rocked by a show

On day 2 (Tuesday the 13th) we went to the Charring Cross Police Station.  On this day we met out officer tour guide Constable Watson. He showed us a bit of the department. From here we discussed some things about London, and some of the things that make policing here difficult, and example of that would be that here, there are people who speak over 300 languages. Also that the city has a population of roughly 7.5 million and that nearly doubles between people who live out of town and work in the city as well as the tourists during the day. Part of the trip included a look at some of their holding facilities, as well as how the departments are setup throughout the UK. We also took a look at a little of their equipment both of today and historically. Essentially, what do they have a stick (which has changed over the years to include becoming more painful) handcuffs, a radio bulletproof/stab proof vests (apparently stabbings is a problem), a helmet and CS (chemical spray, we generally say OC spray, essentially it is a spray able tear gas). They also have the helmet, and a car, that is it. Then you have other groups in the department with guns, which it seems like in general, 1-2% of the officers are trained and on the job for that. The numbers they used were about 10% of their officers are trained for firearms, and 10-20% of those officers are on duty in that capacity at a time.
Afterwards we had some free time, so I figured I would take in a show. So I bought tickets to go see We Will Rock You, which is a musical based on the music of Queen and a convenient 8 blocks away. Better yet, I got the tickets on discount, in Row F, or 6 rows from the stage, 4 seats off of center stage. Yeah they were pretty good seats. Now, here is the bad news they are discontinuing the show. They last show is scheduled for May 31th.  In all seriousness, it is a great show, it had great music and great performers, and I am upset it is closing, though, I am extremely happy to have seen it before it closes. http://www.wewillrockyou.co.uk/home.php#/news

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