C-Hill at Sunset

C-Hill at Sunset
Here is the Sunset of C-Hill, C-Hill is a prodominate landmark at Chadron State College and of the City of Chadron, NE

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day3, in court with judge judy er the magistrate

      Today was a relatively quick one, we spent 2 hours roughly getting a crash course from a defense attorney and then watching it all go down. It was weird since the defendant actually sat in a glass box away from everyone else. They have a small gallery where observers can watch, which varies from one row behind a railing to three rows in a different glass box. These cases are a preliminary hearing to a low level case (we would call misdemeanors) or sentencing. If a person wants a trial, or it is more serious (more towards a felony) it would get sent up to the royal courts.

     After we watched all of that we were done. I stopped at the ISA office for bit then I went back to the hotel. I took a nap then hit the town to check out the local parks. I first went to Russel Square to get started at a small park a block away, and then went to Regents Park. All I got to saw is Google Map it. It is freaking beautiful. There they have business related organized softball, they also have organized and unorganized soccer, er futball, er, I'll stick with soccer. I even got in on a game of ultimate Frisbee. So now I am sore and tired, any off to bed for the night, and then to get back at it bright and early at 9.00 AM, as I continue on in London.

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