C-Hill at Sunset

C-Hill at Sunset
Here is the Sunset of C-Hill, C-Hill is a prodominate landmark at Chadron State College and of the City of Chadron, NE

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Day 6, so much history door to door

Day 6 started off with a trip to Parliament. No, I was not able to shout at politicians for no real reason, but we were able to see where that all happens. We saw the House of Commons (elected) and the House of Lords (appointed). We learned how they vote on any measure and saw where that happens. For the record, they get up and move into one of two rooms of whether or not they want the measure to pass since we can see which rooms they walk into, we know who voted for what. We also learned and discussed on how it is officially not the Houses of Parliament but Westminster Palace, since that was what it was built for. Then, we talked about how it changed over time after bombings and fire, and construction since it was too small. We saw where both houses do most of their debates (in the U.S. we would say the bill was in Committee.

Then we went next door to Westminster Abbey. This place started as a monk ministry for the Catholic Church, and then King Henry the VIII in all of his wisdom had the country divorce the Catholic Church, so he could divorce his wife, since that does not sound desperate at all.  Why didn’t he tear down the abbey like he did with most of the others? Well, his parents where already buried there, as in, in the building. As of today , they are two out of hundreds of people bodies there The list of people buried there who are not royalty include, Charles Dickens, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, and the Tomb of the unknown Warrior (similar that of the unknown warrior in the U.S.). In fact there are so many people buried there, especially in the floor for their graves, you have to walk on their graves (with the exception of the unknown warrior who no one walks on that one) just to walk through the abbey. This is even with a 90+ year band on burying bodies there, the recent burials there have all been cremations. Since now this is the house of the Church of England they also do weddings, and funerals there. This includes the wedding of Kate and Prince William and the funerals of Duchess of Wales Diana, and of the Queen mum.  This is also where the Coronation has happened, I think the year was 1366, and it has taken place in the same chair as well.

After that, we had a decent amount of time left in the day so I went to M&M world, and found out I am a mix of all M&M flavors. I then watched Arsenal win the FA Cup over Hull City 3-2, in a pub that is on the outside wall of the hotel we are staying in.

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